My Yamaha MX61 Piano Review

About Yamaha

Co​​​​mpany Details

Since 1887, the Yamaha Corporation in Japan has grown to become the world's largest manufacturer.

They offer a full line of musical instruments, and a leading producer of audio/visual products, semiconductors and many more.

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My Initial Thoughts

The name “Yamaha” is a synonym for quality products, whether you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or an aspiring musician.

And both aspiring and professional musicians need professional tools.

The MX series of synthesizers illustrate how good Yamaha instruments are.

But which model to pick?

Well, Yamaha MX61 seems like a good bet.

You can integrate this 61-key production station with your music software of choice, and it comes with plenty of other items and options that make it stand out from the crowd.

So let’s dig in and find out what those are!

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Yamaha MX61 Music Production Synthesizer, 61-Key, Black
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Yamaha MX61 Music Production Synthesizer, 61-Key, Black
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Feel, Specifications, Dimensions, and Integrations

The slick black design covers both simplicity and style.

The layout is simple enough to understand.

It has a USB-to-device port that you can use to store data on a flash drive.

It also comes with an 1 x 1/8" aux line input, so you can connect your mobile device or tablet of choice.

The synthesizer itself is rather light, at 10.6 lbs., a staple for the MX series. Its height, width and depth are 4.4", 38.7" and 11.7".

Sound-wise, the MX61 comes with 61 keys, all full-size, all velocity-sensitive.

The synthesizer contains over 1000 voices from the patented Yamaha MOTIF XS Series.

You need that realistic acoustic sounds of the guitar, the piano, drums and strings?

Or how about 8 element synth sounds?

Yes, MX61 has got you covered on both fronts.

On top of that, you get the classic-sounding VCM effects, a blast-from-the-past of the ‘70s phasers, flangers, vintage equalizers and many more effects.

Combining two Voices comes easy when you use the Split and Layer buttons of Yamaha MX61, and both have an arpeggiator and a drum track part. 

Additionally, there are 128 polyphony notes and a 16-part Multi Timbral setting, so you will have more than enough sounds to tinker with your DAW sequences.

Speaking of DAW, the synthesizer has durable buttons and knobs you can use to control internal sound, VST instruments and parameters of the DAW you’re using. 

Any and all virtual music software can be used with the MX61 flawlessly, and with your purchase you will even get the Cubase AI and an FM Essential synth app for your iOS.

Advanced Features and Performance

That’s still not all. 

The USB audio/MID interfacing of Yamaha MX61 is bi-directional.

This means you have the ability to record internal sounds straight to your PC for high quality sound without ever approaching the analog.

A simple USB connection to your computer and you can listen to every sound via the synthesizer’s headphone output.

Also, you can go over your DAW tracks by connecting this marvel to your PA systems or any external studio monitor.

As you may have noticed, Yamaha MX61 is relatively easy to use, and is highly versatile.

Unlike other synthesizers, MX61 works with most of the music editing and monitoring software, and its own audio output is astounding irrespective of the purpose or environment.

Additionally, its keys are velocity-sensitive and you lose nothing as you Split or Layer the sounds.

It uses most of the same mechanics the other MX61 series’ synthesizers do, and comes at a lower cost than most.

Portability is also a key feature.

Yamaha MX61 is light enough to carry around and is not that complicated to set up or put away.

This means you can readily take it with you if you have a gig or a party to bestow good tunes upon.

Pros & Cons of MX61


Over 1.000 voices

No sound loss during splitting or layering

128 polyphony notes

Easily transportable and lightweight


Plastic casing

Very basic sound editing

Does not come with a USB cable

Overly simple design

My Final Thoughts

With all said and done, Yamaha MX61 is a synthesizer you simply must have.

It more than makes up for its lack of weight with its stellar performance.

Exceptional sound quality, simplicity of controls, connectivity and functionality with third party software – all of this and more make up the reasons why you should own an MX61.

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