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Roland Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic musical instruments.

Roland is known for keyboards and synthesizers, guitar products, electronic percussion, digital recording equipment, amplifiers, and audio processing devices.

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My Initial Thoughts

It is definitely not easy to make an entirely original product nowadays.

Everything has been made in one version or the other.

That means that every product will remind you of an older model.

Roland is a company that fully understands this.

For that reason, they are already on their way with new entries into their popular lines.

The JD series has an outstanding history of high-quality, popular synths that needs to be protected.

Especially since they wowed everyone back in 2015 when they brought out their first mini crossover synthesizer.

The JD-XI offered the best of two worlds. 

It is a combination of analog monophonic synth and digital, polyphonic components.

And it was not easy to surpass the XI. 

So, how did they do it this time around?

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Roland, 49-Key Synthesizer, 49 Keys (JD-XA)
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Roland, 49-Key Synthesizer, 49 Keys (JD-XA)
  • Advanced synthesizer with independent analog...
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Feel, Specifications, Dimensions, and Integrations

It will not take you more than a second to realize Roland JD-XA is a beautifully made synth.

As soon as it leaves the box you will be in awe of it.

The shiny plastic, the red lights, and the metal strips make it look futuristic and sturdy at the same time.

However, a fair warning: 

The plastic is shiny, but not for long.

Within hours of use, it will probably look nothing like the images unless you clean it regularly.

It is 35.4 inches wide and 15.3 inches deep.

And, also, for a 49-key keyboard, it is very light at only 14 pounds (not including the AC adaptor).

This means that it will be rather easy to work with the keyboard rack.

Unfortunately, for a product that costs this much, it is a surprise that it does not have an internal power supply unit.

Instead, the power supply is external in entirety.

Advanced Features and Performance

The fact that you can use the different engines at the same time or separately with JD-XA offers versatility rarely seen before.

With a little practice you will learn how to do incredible things with this combination of technologies.

The 49 keys that offer four octaves do not quite seem to be enough to satisfy every user.

Especially for a keyboard that boasts both analog and digital parts.

Another issue that the users could notice is the fact that the keys are slightly shorter than usual.

Whether or not this is the best synthesizer ever is not relevant at all at this point.

What is relevant is that the crossover nature of this synth represents a quite definitive milestone in the history of Roland’s products.

While it might be very complicated to accomplish, the tunes you can get from this machine are incredible.

Maximum polyphony of this device offers 4 analog and 64 digital voices and with the proper use of filters and oscillators, you can do wonders with this musical device.

Pros & Cons of JD-XA


Legitimate analog sound enhanced by a powerful digital engine

Beautiful design and practical controls

Incredible sound


Four octaves might not be enough for experienced musicians

External power supply

Shorter keys

My Final Thoughts

It is powerful, versatile and has incredible effects.

It is not the perfect device, but is nothing to sneeze at.

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