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Roland Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic musical instruments.

Roland is known for keyboards and synthesizers, guitar products, electronic percussion, digital recording equipment, amplifiers, and audio processing devices.

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My Initial Thoughts

Roland is a company that keeps giving and they did so with the AIRA System-1 synthesizer.

Every time Roland decides to roll out a new line the entire world is watching.

There are quite a bit of expectations they have to meet with every new model.

Every time, they need to bring out their A game.

So, have they done so with this model?

Let's take a look.

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Feel, Specifications, Dimensions, and Integrations

The one model that so many anticipated during the last years is definitely a new breed.

AIRA System-1 Plug-Out Synthesizer is basically a virtual analog synth that uses ACB (Analog Circuit Behavior). 

This synthesizer is a clear shoutout to the 70’s style of design.

No screen and a layout that is as simple as they could make it.

The AIRA system-1 is as straightforward as they come.

The plug-out synthesizer is 18-10/16 inches wide and 11-3/16 inches deep and only weighs 5 pounds.

This is definitely impressive for a synth that offers 73 different physical controls. 

Roland’s Analog Circuit Behavior technology is meant to analyze the details of analogue circuits and recreate them.

This way, you can create a pure fusion of modern and classical tones.

Advanced Features and Performance

You can also use your AIRA System-1 to control or host software-based recreations of Roland’s classics.

The fact that you can host recreations means that you will not have to use your computer.

In fact, the synth offers “plug-out” technology that lets you switch between the internal systems and the plugins you are hosting.

One of the possible drawbacks comes from the design.

While most people praise the “Matrix”-like design some find it a bit too much.

The green light might make it look cool during a gig, but it can be overpowering.

Also, since they were trying to make it as portable and easy to use as possible, the keyboard is just two octaves long. 

A relatively controversial decision regarding the design of the synth comes in the form of unconventional controllers.

Roland has actually done away with pitch wheels or levers and used a “scatter” knob.

This spring-loaded knob feels mostly like the shuttle wheel that is in use for video editing systems.

They also chose to replace the modulation wheel with a small button.

However, when I step away from the hardware, I see even more innovations in this synth.

The default architecture works with a dual-oscillator system, an extra sub-oscillator, a noise generator and high and low pass filters.

Pros & Cons of AIRA


Very realistic emulation of analogue circuits.

Easily transportable

The plug-out option is incredible

Unique feel


Keyboard is not velocity sensitive

No velocity at all

You cannot turn off the green backlight

No aftertouch

My Final Thoughts

Ronald’s AIRA System-1 is a welcome addition to the world of music.

The innovations are useful and will open up a new world of options to musicians.

The size did not allow for at least 32 keys and they instead had to go with the 24-key version which is unfortunate.

However, I would still give it a resounding yes.

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