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Based in Trumansburg, New York, Robert Moog's original company was founded as R.A. Moog Co. in 1953.

Through Bob Moog's professional work, Moog Music produced some of the most popular synthesizers of all time.

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My Initial Thoughts

Moog is one of those few iconic manufacturers whose each new released synth causes a stir on the market.

With the LPSSUB001, it's no different.

I was delighted to review this powerful synthesizer.

And for your reading ease, I will now refer to it by its other, very adequate and much more entertaining name.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Sub Phatty, LPSSUB001!

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Moog Sub Phatty 25-Key Analog Synthesizer
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Moog Sub Phatty 25-Key Analog Synthesizer
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Feel, Specifications, Dimensions, and Integrations

Where to even begin?

The Sub Phatty, at first glance, offers what you might expect from a monophonic analog synthesizer of its kind.

Oscillators, ladder filter, noise generator, LFO all occupying the busy control panel. It has 25 keys (semi-weighted), along with modulation and pitch-bend wheels.

Besides the gritty sounds they produce, I've found the oscillators to be quite precise and responsive.

When I powered up the Sub Phatty, I was instantly amazed of what was coming out at me.

With the oscillators, I was able to experiment with finding a balance between two waveforms, instead of switching between one and the other.

Such details definitely add to the overall experience of using this synth.

True to its name, the Sub Phatty produces amazingly fat low end sounds, thanks to its sub oscillator.

This particularly applies for using it combined with the Multidrive circuit from the Filter section.

The best way of quickly exploring what this synth has to offer was going through the preset section.

The 16 presets showcase its versatility and I immediately realized that beefy bottom end is not all it has to offer.

On the contrary. Piercing, resonant leads, with the Sub Phatty?

No problem!

Advanced Features and Performance

The sounds that it generates work really well for all types of electronic music, from techno and ambient to using them as samples for hip-hop beats.

Furthermore, this synth is used by the likes of Deadmau5, Justice, Flying Lotus and many others.

Not to mention the fact that the Moog sound has been a constant in rock and alternative music for decades, only gaining in influence.

Aside from the presets, if you're looking to get 'under the hood' of this unit and explore further, the Shift mode is where things become even more interesting.

Namely, this is where many of the 'hidden functions' are, parameters such as transposition, envelopes control, as well as MIDI properties.

With all the extra possibilities, the Shift mode can get a bit tiresome (with the lack of a screen or other indicator of changes applied).

Or it simply needs some time getting used to. In that regard, I found the free software provided by Moog rather helpful.

Not only does it offer a welcome touch of visual display, which makes for easier editing, it also expands the number of preset slots.

Finally, in terms of appearance and design, the Sub Phatty relies on its sturdy, compact construction.

It is well-built and solid, just as you'd expect.

And with its USB connectivity, a great addition to any studio, stage or DAW.

Pros & Cons of Sub Phatty


Features the vintage Moog sound

Outstanding price/quality ratio

Drive circuit and sub oscillator included


Hidden functions require effort to master

More presets would have been nice

Lack of a screen/display

My Final Thoughts

Remaining true to the Moog heritage, this is a synthesizer with sufficient new tricks up its sleeve.

The sheer quality of its sound makes the Sub Phatty an amazing synth and great addition to the Moog family.

I highly recommend the LPSSUB001 from Moog.

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