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About Dave Smith Instruments

Co​​​​mpany Details

DSI is helmed by legendary instrument designer Dave Smith, the original founder of Sequential Circuits in the mid-1970s. 

Dave designed the Prophet-5, the world’s first fully-programmable synthesizer and the first musical instrument with an embedded microprocessor.

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My Initial Thoughts

Dave Smith offers another addition to the world of synth in the form of Pro 2.

Although it might seem like it would be complicated to use, this beast of an instrument comes jam-packed with features, controls and everything you might need to create some beautiful tunes.

The final product is an incredible analog synthesizer that represents fantastic value for money.

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Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 Synthesizer
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Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 Synthesizer
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Feel, Specifications, Dimensions, and Integrations

This is a hybrid instrument, so you can expect more options than an analog synth might have.

It combines digital oscillators with some of the analog filters that cater to your melody needs perfectly.

There is an OLED display just like the one P12 has, although this has some drawbacks.

The screen is small and not legible, so you would have to look hard at it if you want to see the waveforms and routing.

However, it will serve you well when you are composing.

This is a monophonic instrument, and that might throw you off a bit.

The price is a bit high, but you get many adjustment controls which add a lot to the value.

As far as the design goes, I found this synth to be a sleek model, perfect for studios or composing at home.

It is as if it wants you to use it more and more since the moment you get it.

While the walnut case offers a bit more class, it does not overpower the instrument.

Furthermore, the fact that it comes with so many controls gave me a lot more options.

Basically, you can fine tune pretty much anything, and customize until you find your perfect melody.

The keyboard reacts flawlessly to my touch, and I did not have to try too hard to play the sounds.

However, what I loved the most is the fact that you can uniquely add some modern effects.

There is a knob which you can twist and turn to control the analog distortion.

In addition to that, there are four delays which you can individually adjust to your needs.

Advanced Features and Performance

Once I received the instrument, it really inspired me to start creating my own sequences.

The end results are fantastic, even though it might seem like you can never stop adjusting the sound.

The fact that it is almost without any limitations serves well both beginners and already accomplished music-buffs.

There is a versatility to it that made me go back and play on it times and times again.

However, if you want a more digital sound, this might not be the synth for you.

Although I could achieve more powerful sounds with it, it seems to me that it excels in vintage melodies and grainier audio.

Still, it depends on the user and what you would like to create.

Pros & Cons of Pro 2


The options are almost endless, and you can create pretty much any tune possible

Details make it worth the money; especially if you are a sound designer

It comes with four oscillators and one

sub-oscillator, which can give you a sophisticated sound even if the melody is rather simple


It is a monophonic instrument, so there are certain limitations to it's use

This is not a perfect synth if you are just into artificial sounds

It weighs a lot - almost nine kilograms, to be exact; so this synthesizer might not be something you can easily carry around with you to events or gigs

My Final Thoughts

This is one of the most elegant instruments there is if you are into monophonic synths.

In addition to that, the price is not as steep as other ones, so you would not break your budget too much if you get it.

The features add to the value, and there is a lot more than it meets the eye, so it would serve both beginners and advanced keyboard users well.

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